Here's how a typical taping of The Late Late Show goes:

1iota members and guests arrive and begin to queue up.  We always recommend you plan to be in line 30-45 minutes before the time on your tickets.  Please be aware that the time you check in with a 1iota coordinator is your arrival time, not what time you drive by the lot and see the line.  That doesn't count.

Once CBS security and pages are in place, our 1iota staff will begin processing the line, and admitting the audience.  All audience members will need to present their valid government-issued photo ID (or combination of two IDs to meet the three criteria: Name, Age, Photo).

Past the security check, audience members will pass through metal detectors.  Cameras are not permitted in the studio, and must be surrendered to CBS security for the duration of the taping.

After the show reaches its attendance capacity, a 1iota staff member will give the audience a "do's and don'ts" speech.

The audience is then led into the studio.  If audience members are unable to use stairs, they need to let the 1iota team know.

Seating then begins in the studio.  After the studio is entirely seated, our warm-up comedian comes out to entertain the crowd.

After a quick highlight reel, the show begins!  The whole process usually lasts around 3 hours from line-up to leaving.  Please do not plan events immediately after the taping, as it can occasionally run a bit longer.