I suppose the whole "large bags" portion of the ticket can be pretty difficult to understand.  What do we mean by that, exactly?  Well, if you could fit a DVD player in it, it's probably too big.  If you could fit a 6-pack of your favorite soda in it, it's probably too big.  You don't need your laptop at the show.  We understand that at times, people need to bring certain personal items that are too big to fit in a clutch (which is the preferred bag size at the show) and in such cases, a slightly larger bag would make sense.  But really, you're not allowed to bring cameras, phones, laptops, computers, etc...so why would you need a big bag?  

Just limit your bag size to something that can carry your essentials - ID, wallet, etc.  If you need a giant bag to hold your wallet ... I suggest giving the cash contents of that wallet to our 1iota staff - they could use the money!  : )