You may have noticed that many shows limit how many tickets you can request.  Most shows limit you to requesting either 2 or 4 tickets to a taping.  1iota had been in the audience business for quite some time, and we've noticed something interesting.  If you request 2 tickets, you are more likely to use all your reserved tickets than if you could request, say, 5.  The larger a group is, the less likely the entire group shows up.  This makes filling a studio audience difficult, since we rely on 1iota members to use all the tickets they say they're going to use.

Limiting the number of tickets you can request helps us better predict how many fans will be attending, which allows to overbook less.  Turning fans away is the least favorite part of our business, and we are always working to do as little of it as possible.

It also allows a wider group of fans to experience the show, since if you could ask for and receive ten tickets, that would mean the next person on the waitlist would be less likely to receive tickets.

If a show has a request limit, and you have more people in your party, we recommend having other members of your party submit a ticket request themselves.  You cannot write in the comments that you want more tickets.  You cannot email us asking for more tickets.  You cannot ask us to approve your friend or family's tickets.  It doesn't work like that.  Tickets and requests cannot be increased in number.

This FAQ has more information.