Yeah… we know it seems a little extreme, but the guidelines we put forth are those given to us by the production.  If they don’t allow cell phones, we have to tell you to leave them in your car, or not bring them.  With some shows, this can be a serious legal issue where you sign a form stating you won’t divulge any information, then you bring a phone in and tweet a photo.  For you, it’s just an exciting moment.  For the show, it becomes a violation of the contract which they then can sue you for.

Many people are unfortunately incapable of keeping their phones in their pockets/purses, and they will hold up their phones to take pictures, which get in the way of the cameras and equipment ACTUALLY taping the event.  One of the huge perks of attending 1iota shows is you are often the closest to the action.  As a trade-off, you sometimes can't have your phone.

As for bags, that’s often fire marshal/security issue.  If you have a large bag that’s under a seat (or it's on the floor in a standing-room only space) and there’s a fire, someone could trip, get hurt, etc.  Is it likely?  Nope.  But, it’s the rule.  So, we have to follow it.  Wondering about a small bag?  "Small bag" is a relative term, unfortunately.  What is "small" to you may not be small enough for security to be comfortable with.

So please, if we ask you to not bring something, just follow our rules.

AND BEFORE YOU ASK - No, the answer is not different if you are taking public transport, or being dropped off at the venue from Uber or Lyft, or need to call your mom afterward.  Unfortunately, we all must obey the same rules.  So, if you can not leave the prohibited item at home, and you can not leave it in your car, you will need to find something else to do with it before you arrive at the event.  1iota staff will NOT hold prohibited items.