Ah, yes - the age limit question.  

First, let me explain that 1iota doesn’t like to exclude people.  We love all fans and want you all to be able to see the events you love!  However, sometimes we do have to set age limits on shows.  These limits are often put in place due to legal reasons or restrictions placed on the show by lot security.  Sometimes age limits are content-specific, and set by production.  Still other times we have events where alcohol is present, and we can not allow underage fans to participate.  

So, there are age limits.  When 1iota has an age limit on an event, it is stated on your e-tickets.  That age limit pertains to everyone who comes through 1iota, ticketed members AND their guests, unless otherwise specified on the e-tickets.  So, unfortunately, we can not accept the “I’m 46, and I want to bring my 14 year old” situations.  We can’t allow an 18-year old student to bring a 17-year old friend.  We can’t admit a 17-year old who turns 18 “next week.”  These are things we simply can not do.