It’d sure be great if you would!  


I know, I know… YOU are only one person.  But you and your guest, you’re two people. And the people sitting next to you are two MORE people.  And well, once two people leave, two more want to leave and then Rihanna ends up singing to a half empty stage before you know it, and that’s really sad.  

Seriously, though - it can be very problematic for production if people start leaving early.  So, we ask that you do stay for the whole tapings.  At times, we can’t even get you back to your vehicle because we’ve shuttled you in from a parking lot and don’t have shuttles available until the show is over.  It’s best if you can go ahead and just plan to be at the show for the entire duration.  

Besides, do you really want to sit through all the “Dude….RIGHT AFTER YOU LEFT…” stories?  No, you don’t.  So stay!