Great question!

1iota occasionally has event that are looking for a very specific demographic, like our Movie Screenings!  Your Casting Profile aids 1iota in getting the demographic that production wants.  For example, a production may want to know how a movie tests with parents, or people over 50.  The information you provide 1iota ensures that production will have their target audience.  1iota does not share any information you provide with anyone.

From time to time, 1iota will have special opportunities for which a certain “look” may be required.  We’ll use Casting Profiles to target the folks who fit that criteria.  For instance, an NBA event may want a crowd of fans who look like they could play Pro Basketball.  We’re probably going to look for people who are 6’3 and above on that one.  

So, adding info here can help you be a part of these exclusive opportunities.  

What’s important, though, is that you’re accurate.  If you’re 5’4, and you tell us you’re 6’7, and you show up at that NBA show, well, that’ll create issues for us.  So please, be honest!