Unfortunately, ticket requests cannot be transferred to a different date or event.  Each event posted on our site has its own waitlist, and so if you are unable to use tickets for a specific event, you will want to decline them and submit for one you would be able to attend.

Ticket requests are processed in the order they are received.  If you are requesting tickets for multiple dates/events, we'd recommend thinking about it like this:

  • If you receive tickets for one of the days you've requested, would you rather have them for a different date?  If so, only request for that second date.
  • If you have a preference for what date you'd like to receive tickets for, only request your top few.  You cannot "rank" your requests when submitting.
  • If you'd be happy with any of several dates, then submit requests for those dates.

Story time!

Juan Iota (get it?) has submitted requests for the same show on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  His preference is in that order.

The Wednesday waitlist happens to be the shortest, and his request moves off the waitlist for that event first.  His other two requests are now no longer being considered (see this FAQ entry for more info).

Juan now has to make the decision of whether he wants to decline his Wednesday tickets for the CHANCE that one of his requests will move off the waitlist the other two days.  There's the possibility that he would then have NO tickets.

We'd hate for you to be in that position, so please only submit for dates you definitely want to attend!