Unfortunately, we do not have a mechanism to manually upgrade tickets to priority.  Actually, that’s a good thing for all of you.  This prevents any kind of bias on our part to play favorites with any fans.  Basically, Priority is a completely automated system in which the first (X) number of tickets reserved are Priority.  That way, the folks who planned ahead and claimed their tickets first, benefit.  If you’re holding General Tickets, there is a chance you’ll be upgraded to Priority.  The way that works, is that as people with Priority tickets cancel their tickets, the system upgrades the next General ticket holders in line to Priority.  So, if 20 Priority folks cancel, the first 20 General ticket holders get upgraded.

So, the basic story is this: if you’re constantly getting General tickets, you may want to reserve your tickets more quickly…or request them more quickly.  If you’re not finding out about shows in a timely fashion, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

If your friend gets Priority, and you get General, you cannot be moved into Priority.  Your friend is more than welcome to downgrade themselves to General.