We love that you’re planning ahead! 

Unfortunately, we have to wait for production to let us know when they are taping. This is often because shows go on "hiatus" which is Hollywood speak for "vacation." We cannot post shows and distribute tickets until we know the dates on which the tapings will occur. This also means that you can't submit a request for a specific date until it has been posted and open for requests.

We typically receive the schedule from production 3-4 weeks in advance. Once we have it confirmed that a taping is happening, it goes live on our site. If you're dying to see a particular show on a particular date, then we recommend checking the 1iota site frequently to see when it gets posted. Following our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts can help, as we occasionally announce when shows are going up. We never recommend making travel plans based solely on free tickets.

If the calendar skips dates, then there is not currently a taping scheduled for those dates.