There are a few possible problems:

1) The show is sold out. We send out “Available” notices in batches. For example, if we have 100 seats available, we’ll send out notices to 125 people. Because some fans are not going to confirm them. If you receive an email that says you have tickets available, it is in your best interest to login ASAP to reserve them, otherwise they could get snatched up before you login.  To find out if a show is sold out, there is a text box directly below "Request Status".  If it says that all the tickets have been claimed, then the show is sold out.  Sold out shows occasionally have space open up 48 hours before the event, due to ticket holders canceling last minute.  You would then be able to reserve your tickets.  We do not send email notifications to you if other members decline their tickets.


2) It is now too close to the taping to reserve your tickets.  We submit the list of attendees to security for safety purposes, and once the lists have been locked (typically three hours before the check-in time) you can no longer reserve tickets. 


3) After you click "Confirm", you are told to verify your email.  Here is more information about how to verify your email.