We get it!  You're in town for one week, and you want to be sure to see your favorite TV show!

You are more than welcome to submit tickets for multiple dates or different parts of the same show.  You CANNOT "rank" which tapings you would prefer to attend.  There are a small number of shows that, due to high demand, we limit the number of requests you can have submitted at one time.

Please be aware that once we make a ticket available to you, or once you've reserved a ticket, it is less likely that you will receive tickets for another aspect of the same show, or tickets around that date for the same or different show.  You can't be in two places at once, and we want to get as many different fans in as possible!

This means that if you are offered tickets to one aspect of a show that has multiple events like the VMAs, you are NOT being considered for the other aspects while you have available or reserved tickets.  You will need to decide to keep what you have, or decline what you have and hope you move off another waitlist.