Often times, we are asked for a very specific “atmosphere” out of our fans.  Some events want the feel of a fancy club, others want a sports-bar crowd, etc.  The way you dress is an important part of that.  Of course, sometimes the producers just ask us to have people avoid certain colors and color combinations because of lighting and cameras…or they ask us to ENCOURAGE certain color combinations because they want to see loud colors.  This varies from show to show.  

Either way, it’s important that you follow what we ask you to wear.  If you do not, it’s very possible that we could refuse to have you in the event as a result.  And we don’t want that.  We want you there.  We want your energy and excitement.  We don’t want to put you back in your car and send you home.

That’s sad.  Please don’t make us do that.

We're making television when you come to a 1iota event, so please read the dress code guidelines, and follow them accordingly.

That being said, 1iota is not staffed by fashion designers.  Please do not contact us asking if a certain outfit would be okay.  We're not Tim Gunn.  If you're concerned that an outfit would not be appropriate, please consider something else.