This is a great question, and one we get asked a lot!

Below is a list of things that CAN affect your approvals:

  • Your attendance percentage
  • When you submitted your request
  • The comment you leave when submitting your request
  • Your profile strength (how complete it is)
  • How often you attend a show
  • Ticket demand for a show (Remember!  You're not the only person who wants to go to this event; 1iota receives LOTS of requests for our events)
  • Keeping reserved/available tickets to other 1iota events in your account (read this FAQ entry for more info)

Things that typically do NOT affect ticket approvals:

  • The number of tickets you've requested
  • The number of requests you've submitted
  • The number of tickets/requests you've deleted
  • Past available tickets you've never reserved
  • Your location
  • Whether you have confirmed your email address yet (NOTE-- you will not be able to RESERVE your tickets until you have)

Remember, tickets are processed in the order they are received, based on the above factors, and production's needs.