Requesting tickets couldn't be easier!  Remember, ticket requests can only be submitted for dates that are currently posted on our site, and only for shows that are not sold out.  Please watch the above video for a complete guide to submitting a ticket request.

All ticket requests must go through the same process.  There is no other way of obtaining tickets.

If a show is "Sold Out," then we are no longer accepting ticket requests for that taping.

If the calendar doesn't have the date you'd like to attend, please see this FAQ entry.

If a date is posted as "Open," but there is no "Join Waitlist" button, then the show is Coming Soon, and requests will be activated at a later date and time.

If the show you'd like to attend isn't on our website, it will either be added later, or will not be handling the tickets.

You can only request the number of tickets the site allows you to.  Here is more info on group ticketing.

Tickets and requests are not transferable.  Only request tickets that YOU will use.