Ready to see your favorite TV shows and celebs?  This is the comprehensive guide to getting started!

We'll start you off with what 1iota is.

Got it?  Now you're ready to learn how to sign up!  REMEMBER- you cannot transfer tickets to anyone else.  Only YOU can use your tickets.  Be sure to create your 1iota account using an email address you actually use!

Once you've created your account, we'll send you a confirmation email to make sure that your email can receive updates from us.  **You can submit ticket requests, but cannot reserve tickets until you've completed this step!**

Now that you've created your account, you're ready to submit ticket requests.  Ticket requests can only be submitted for dates that are currently posted on our calendar.  Why doesn't our calendar go as far as you'd like?

After submitting a request, you'll be on the waitlist.  The waitlist is the 1iota ticketing queue; it simply means you've submitted a ticket request.  After our team has finalized production details, we'll start approving ticket requests.

If your ticket request is made available, you'll need to log in to your 1iota account and reserve it.  Because not everyone with available tickets claims them, we release tickets in batches.  Waiting too long means you could miss out on confirming your tickets.

Tickets for some shows are in two groups, priority and general.  We have to overbook in order to fill the venue, since that's what we're hired by production to do.  If we do have to turn you away from an event, we'll offer you the opportunity to return to the same show.

Now that you have reserved tickets to a show, please be sure to print your e-ticket from your 1iota account and read it carefully.  The ticket will have all the important information on it, including how to let us know if you require ADA accommodations.

The "day of" process

The day of your show, please make sure you've re-read your e-ticket, as call times can occasionally change.  Your account will always have the most up-to-date version of your ticket.

If you will no longer be able to attend the show, please decline your tickets.  This way, we can offer your tickets to the next member on the waitlist.  Declining tickets will not affect future ticket approvals until the show's list has been locked.  Once the list has been locked, you are no longer able to decline your tickets, and your attendance percentage will be reduced if you do not use your tickets.

After the show, let us know what a great time by sharing your photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! A few days after the event, check your attendance score to make sure we've correctly tracked your attendance for it.

And that's it!

If you have additional questions, we have a Frequently Asked Questions guide full of specific answers.  If you're still confused, feel free to email, or simply click "New support ticket" in the top right of this page, and fill out the submission form.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at our shows!

-The 1iota Support Team