Here's the problem with making exceptions.  If you do it once for someone, it completely undermines the entire point of the policy.

If you want to skirt a rule, and someone lets you, and the next person sees that, but doesn't get to skirt the rule, how is that fair to them?

"But I'm just one person!" you say.  Sure, but so is everyone else.  Why are YOU as one person more special than the next person?

"I wouldn't tell anyone!" you say.  But that's neither a guarantee to us, nor is it the point.  If you skirt a rule, then why wouldn't you get to skirt that rule every time?  What's to stop you from asking us to skirt the same rule in the future?  We did it once before, didn't we?  Why do we have that pesky rule, anyway?

"This means a lot to me!" you say.  This means a lot to many people, and we totally get that.  People whose birthday it is, who are celebrating their wedding or anniversary, whose favorite person is on a show, who are taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip, whose final dying wish is to see Carson Daly!  When you get right down to it, no request should be prioritized above anyone else's, and that's simply the fairest way to handle things.